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The good thing about  a spa is it is small. The volume of water is easy to take care of. Very little Hot Tub Spillwayhot tub maintenance is needed. We recommend to take a sample of water in to your local pool spa store to have it analyzed. There are  a variety of chemicals that can be added to the water. First is a sanitizer/ oxidizer. Chlorine, bromine, ozone, copper silver system and other methods can be used to keep the water safe. For example a small amount of chlorine added to the water once a week, along with a floater with tablets will keep the spa at a safe level.  You will need to get familiar with the testing process and a routine that will insure it to be safe. Your local pool store can help you with this.

Keeping it clean will depend on the type of equipment you use. Most spas are set up with a cartridge filter. It is either in the spa, called a skim filter or under or in a remote location. This filter will need to be taken apart and cleaned at regular intervals, depending on how big the filter is. The bigger the filter the less you have to clean it.

Hot Tub Maintenance.

Heating the spa is easy. It will depend on the type of equipment you have as to how long it takes to heat. Portable spas have electric heaters which heat continuously much like your thermostat in your house. It will maintain a consistent temperature. A remote heater will most likely use gas. This heater you turn on when you want to use it. It takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours to heat depending on the size of the heater and the size of the spa. Hot tub maintenance.

Computer systems are the way to go. If you have one it is easy to hit a button to turn on the spa and heater. It will give you temperature,  programming ability, and ability to control lights or other features. This makes the spa user friendly.  

When planning for a new pool you want to select a pool contraction company who is experienced and will build your pool right.

We recommend Genesis Pool as the top Austin Pool construction company.  They have the experience and knowledge to build your dream pool on time and on budget.

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